About us

What do you do when collecting grows into an obsession and consumes your living space...the answer is simple, you open a shop. ...we had always wanted to open our own collectable shop, it just happened sooner rather than later. Even at the time that the GFC was headlining the news, we felt it was the right time for us, so we thought 'why not'.

With both of us having backgrounds in finance, one of the hardest decisions at the time of organising our business was "WHO GETS TO RUN IT FULLTIME"...straws were drawn, Grant lost, Glen won....and Glen began trading as "The Vintage Advantage" in the Top of Town precinct of Ipswich QLD @ 185 Brisbane Street with opening day 28th September 2008, until now.....bahahaha.....Grant has now entered the building....sorry Glen !!!

Both of us have an enthusiasm for the glamorous and interesting, classic and unusual, and have collected items from 1860 to 2010. With what once cluttered the rooms of our home, now fills the shelves and cabinets of our shop. Everything from Vintage jewellery, Vintage & Retro clothing, collectables, glassware and more.

Finding that special treasure is part of the thrill, and if there is a story behind it, then even better. We have met some amazing people who have become very special and close friends since we opened the shop, and we hope to meet many more. We hope you enjoy our shop.           G&G